Aquarians are rarely bitten by the travel bug, because they do not need to go very far to find themselves immersed in a million interesting activities. Yet, they are the sign most suited to a sudden change in surroundings, should it become necessary. Aquarians have a combination of people skills and mental agility that enables them to adapt to a variety of circumstances. And of course, being the humanitarians that they are, an appreciation of cultural differences comes naturally to them. This ability to function anywhere makes Aquarians excellent candidates for job assignments or educational opportunities abroad. However, they are usually not eager to incur the expense of traveling to a faraway land just for the sake of a vacation. An Aquarian can find plenty to do closer to home, such as a pleasant drive to the country or a romp through a nearby city. For a quick fix to relieve stress, a brief visit to the nearest body of water can do wonders to calm the nerves of an Aquarian. But take note - Aquarius is NOT a water sign, and getting ocean debris in one's ears is not the favorite pastime of an Aquarian. Just seeing the water - such as from a table at a waterfront restaurant - is enough to do the trick.

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