Aquarians can be found in just about every line of work - they're not to proud to do an honest day's work, whatever it is, and they're famous for their willingness to try anything once. But in the long run, Aquarians are most likely to stick with a job that requires them to use their intellectual or creative abilities. Careers combining both of these elements, such as journalism or acting, are ones that many Aquarians excel in. High tech fields are also within the domain of Aquarians, and many will find that skills in this area come naturally to them. They are not found of endless, lonely, boring detail, however, and working with computer programming code all day would drive the typical Aquarian absolutely bananas! More promising are positions which involve frequent interaction with others, such as providing technical support, or offer a creative outlet, such as editing audiovisual material.

Aquarians are also attracted to occupations in which they can use their talents to make the world a better place. These endeavors may be as extreme as joining the Peace Corps, or as simple as performing administrative work at a nonprofit organization. To an Aquarian, the accumulation of money should never be the main purpose of anyone's life (see finances), and this is often apparent in their career decisions. Most Aquarians are realistic enough to understand that not everyone was meant to live in poverty, in total devotion to serving others, yet believe that we can all do our part to help out in some way. Some Aquarians have done much to advance the knowledge of mankind, while others have worked very hard ensure that humor does not disappear from our culture. Still others become involved in politics, where Aquarians tend to stand out as truly independent thinkers, carefully examining the issues and taking positions that are not always popular. Perhaps the best contemporary example of such classic political Aquarianism is U.S. Senator Arlen Specter.

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