What is the true nature of an Aquarius? When you take off the mask of their rising sign (click here to learn about rising signs), what will you find? The Aquarian is a "big picture" type of person - they are great thinkers, yet rarely stick to a single area of expertise. So many things intrigue the typical Aquarian; frequently, they will spread themselves too thin, starting many projects but finishing few of them. "I'll try anything once" is the motto for the Aquarian spirit. They often make great leaders, yet their ideas are best put into practice by others who have the patience to deal with the petty details that elude them. Eclectic & eccentric, Aquarians tend to be ahead of their time, often dreaming up ideas and inventions that the general population may not be ready to accept for another 50 years. A very prominent characteristic in the Aquarius personality is the need to "move forward" with the matter at hand, often using this very phrase in their speech! The Aquarian has a strong distaste for useless squabbling that does not lead to an effective solution - when they hand out an agenda at a meeting, they mean it!

The personal lives of Aquarians are typically synonymous with their public lives, as their energies and thoughts are focused outward. They will have many, many friends thoughout their lives, though they seldom form very close long-term friendships. To the Aquarius, everyone is a friend unless they prove themselves otherwise (see friends) . True to the water bearer they symbolize (a man pouring water out of an urn to provide for humanity), they feel a sense of responsibility for social causes. Rosa Parks, the African-American woman famous for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man, is a classic example of the Aquarian willingness to take a personal risk in order to make a difference. The late Massachusetts Senator Paul Tsongas was ridiculed for promoting nuclear power in order to avoid dependency on oil from the Persian Gulf- over a full decade before war errupted over that very issue in that very place: case in point for the Aquarian being too far ahead of his time to gain acceptance. Author Judy Blume risked the wrath of conservative parents and educators in order to address the issues that affect teenage girls. Actress & commedian Ellen DeGeneres risked her career to come out as a lesbian on prime-time television. What does all this have to do with the personal lives of Aquarians? Very little, and that's the point. To the humanitarian Aquarian, building a better society is far more important than building their own relationships; it is vital to them that family, friends and romantic partners learn to respect this quality.

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