The traits attributed to Aquarius represent the very definition of friendship (see self), and Aquarians will make many friends from many different backgrounds throughout their lives. While they may have a few special friends with whom they associate most often, the majority of friendships formed by Aquarians are casual aquaintances, rather than close friendships. Rest assured, however, that once you have made friends with an Aquarian, he or she will always be a true blue friend, even if they seem too busy to get together very frequently. An Aquarian will get out of bed in the middle of the night to help a friend in need; most people of other signs probably won't. Return the favor, and the Aquarian will return it several times over.

Aquarians often become friends with other Aquarians, for they prefer to be in the company of like-minded people. Intellectual Libras and Geminis may also be found in their circle of friends, though Geminis will come and go, since like Aquarians they tend not to form very close attachments. Sagittarians make good company for Aquarians, since they are very outgoing and tend to participate in a lot of activities. Scorpios of the opposite sex make particularly interesting friends for Aquarians, despite the classic inadvisability of a romantic relationship between these two. Scorpios of the same sex, however, appear to be on some other mental plane and little social interaction will transpire. But, of course, even in the absence of an active friendship, the Aquarian will consider just about anyone of any sign to be a potential friend, unless they have proven themselves to be otherwise.

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