How do you recognize an Aquarian in love? Well, you may not. The cool, detached Aquarian may not express all the outward clues typically shown by people born under other signs. For an Aquarius, friendship comes first, last and counts for everything in between, too. They often pick a partner based on a mental attraction, and tend not to get all "mushy" when with them or talking about them. What people WILL notice is that the Aquarius, who generally has a large circle of aquaintances but few close friends, has found a new best friend. That's the number one criteria for the love interest of an Aquarius. But the "water bearer" always gives more than he or she takes, and in return will be the most loyal friend on earth to his or her lover.

In keeping with this friendship theme, Aquarians expect their partners to be understanding of their need to socialize with many people of both genders, and to enjoy a wide variety of hobbies - and both of these things will take place mainly outside of the home. Jealousy and clinginess are traits that Aquarians will not tolerate in their partners. While it is true that most Aquarians will have many partners in their single days, the Aquarian in a committed relationship is among the most trustworthy in the zodiac. They are also among the least sexual in the zodiac (second only to Gemini), and have surprisingly little interest in cheating, despite their need for constant social interaction. The ideal mate for an Aquarius must have the ability to trust, a lot of outside interests to keep them busy, and should not be prone to any kind of emotional outbursts - Aquarians HATE drama, even on television.

What signs make the best romantic partners for an Aquarius? The intellectual air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius offer the most compatibility. Yes, you read correctly - two Aquarians can make quite a pair! While it's rarely advisable to date someone of the same sign, Aquarius is a notable exception. Not only do Aquarians prefer a partner in whom they see a reflection of themselves, but each one can offer the other a level of freedom that they are unlikely to find with other signs. A youthful, mentally agile Gemini or a flirty, eloquent Libra may also capture the heart of an Aquarian. NOT RECOMMENDED: Scorpio (unless the Scorpio has Aquarius Rising) and Cancer.

Always keep in mind that the complete birth charts of both people may reveal compatability information beyond what can be inferred by their sun signs. For FREE astrology reports, click here.

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