Most Aquarians are open to the possibility of the supernatural, but are not particularly interested in exploring things that cannot be logically explained. Aquarians do not fear such things or oppose others' involvment in these matters, but it's not on the top of their list of priorities, either. If they see a ghost, fine. If not, fine. Traditionally, Aquarius is considered to be the "sign of the astrologer", and many Aquarians and people with Aquarius rising do possess a gift in this area. However, this is NOT the same as being a psychic, as many late night infomercials would like people to believe.

What DOES make one a psychic is the possession of knowledge when there is no logical explanation for having it. For example, a person who can hold an artifact from a crime and somehow see the criminal's face and know where to find them is a psychic. A person who has premonitions of accidents and natural disasters and can warn people in advance is a psychic. A person who knows your name when nobody told them (and it's not on your keychain) is a psychic. It is not a learned pseudoscience like astrology; you either have it or you don't. Most Aquarians are not psychics, nor would they want to be. It violates the sense of logic that they rely so heavily upon.

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