Most Aquarians are healthy most of the time, but if they're not, good luck trying to get them to follow doctor's orders! They generally trust that the doctor knows best, and will listen to the doctor without asking many questions, but won't bother completing medical treatments for problems they consider petty. Prescriptions go unfilled, specialists go unvisited, beds do not get rested in. Once an Aquarius is told that he or she is not dying, they just want to get on with their life. In many cases, this attitude may work to their advantage, since Aquarians typically have a very poor tolerance for medications. If the directions say "Take 2 pills every 4 hours" and "Use caution while driving", the Aquarian patient who takes just 1 pill every 12 hours may need to use caution while WALKING!

A very common health problem for Aquarians is having an upset stomach. Usually, it has no specific medical cause, but can be traced to their mental state. Calm on the outside, Aquarians often internalize a great deal of nervous energy, resulting in the syndrome known as "butterflies in the stomach". Focused on their minds more than their bodies, Aquarians either cannot or will not eat when other, more important, things are going on - and when they do finally eat, it's a shock to their system. Other health concerns for Aquarians include more serious mental health conditions, respiratory problems, and illnesses relating to the blood.

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