How does an Aquarius relate to their family? If you have one of those "eccentric" family members, check to see if he or she is an Aquarian! They may be the diehard feminist, the bleeding heart liberal, the yoga/meditating vegetarian; leading some sort of alternative lifestyle - or maybe just the class clown who never grew up - but in some way they will surely stand out. The Aquarian marches to the beat of their own drummer, and not all relatives will approve. Those who value their extreme individuality, however, will find that their Aquarian family member has a vast wealth of life experience to share, especially with the younger generations.

While Aquarians generally honor their family committments, they do not make lovey-dovey relatives. They will appear at family gatherings and go through the motions, but those looking for a shoulder to cry on should look elsewhere. They find it difficult to show and interpret emotion, and for this reason are not well equipped to relate to small children. A particularly bright child, however, will hold their attention, especially if he or she does not require a lot of coddling. Teenagers will find that Aquarians can be really cool parents, though, as they tend to be quite liberal and extend priviledges to them that would shock most other parents - provided they make use of the educational opportunities provided to them and stay far away from any trouble with the law. It takes a lot more than blue lipstick to alarm and Aquariuan parent! The rational Aquarian approach to parenting does not suit some children, however, particularly those born under the sign of Cancer. Outside help may be required to help these children sort through their emotions, especially if the other parent is also an air sign (Gemini, Libra or another Aquarian).

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