Scorpios are not the big travelers of the zodiac - they like familiar surroundings and familiar people, because knowing where they stand and with whom they stand gives them a feeling of power. The typical Scorpio is very dedicated to his or her Career, however, and will make a business trip if necessary. When they do travel for pleasure, Scorpios enjoy going where everyone else ISN'T going. If everyone has gone south for the winter, they'll head north. They don't see any sense in paying the highest rates for travel and lodging, only to have to wait in long lines everywhere they go.

This doesn't mean that the ideal Scorpio vacation is to make like a hermit in a log cabin, however - they are not fond of being without modern amenities and access to emergency services. Nor does an artificial vacation resort suit them, either. Scorpios like the excitement and endless possibilities that big cities have to offer, and they like to explore places where "real people" live. You can't have much of a cultural experience someplace where all the guests are just like you, or worse, where you are the only guest! Being a water sign, Scorpios are attracted to destinations near a body of water, as this adds a mystical feel to the locale. A coastal city or one situated along a river or lake is a good choice.

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