Scorpios love to learn your innermost secrets, and it may often feel as though they can learn them just by glancing at you. Don't expect the sharing of your secrets to be reciprocated, however, as Scorpios will closely guard their own. While you may be dissatisfied with the one-sidedness of this deal, you can rest assured that the secrets you confide to a Scorpio will be kept just that - secrets. For this reason, Scorpios are often selected for administrative jobs that require a high degree of confidentiality, in areas such as payroll, human resources, health care and law enforcement. The Go-Go's tune "Our Lips are Sealed" would make a good theme song for Scorpios.

There are other types of secrets in the universe beside the aforementioned personal and professional kinds, and Scorpios strive to learn these, too. The after-life, the subconscious and the true purpose of life are far more elusive secrets that Scorpios often spend their lives seeking to gain even the slightest bit of knowledge about. The idea of finding out something that NO human being is supposed to know in this life is quite enticing to the spiritual Scorpio mind. Scorpios will share their opinions on these matters, as they are of importance to all mankind.

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