If you find yourself attached to a Scorpio who has fully developed the positive aspects of their personality, count yourself as one of the luckiest people on earth! A Scorpio in love is a Scorpio for keeps, who will devote themselves entirely to the object of their affection. Treat them with the same respect, and they will stick with you through good times and bad, encourage your interests and work behind the scenes to make YOU a sucess in every way. Former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is a prime example of the proverbial "woman behind every sucessful man". Everyone suspected she was the brains of the operation, and they were probably right. Meanwhile, while her poor husband got dragged through the mud again and again, could anyone imagine her leaving him? Well, you get the point!

On the other hand, if you find yourself attached to a Scorpio who hasn't learned a little self control (or worse, if one is attached to YOU), you have a very big problem on your hands. Scorpios can be very controlling, possessive, and jealous BIG TIME! They may think every person who looks at you is undressing you with their eyes, and they'll have something nasty to say about it. They want everything their way and don't see anything wrong with the idea of controlling another human being in order to get it. It's not unlike a Scorpio to become hot-temped and even physically violent when the stupidest little thing upsets them. Unless you like being in the path of flying debris, you might want to get away from this person while the going is good.

What signs make the best romantic partners for a Scorpio? Cancer is by far the most recommended partner for a Scorpio, for these water signs share deep emotions and a high level of tenacity. In fact, a union between Scorpio and Cancer is thought to be the strongest possible combination of ANY two signs in the entire zodiac! Pisces, the third water sign, is also considered to be highly compatible with Scorpio. Some astrologers will advocate the pairing of Scorpio with its opposite sign, Taurus, but this relationship between two highly opinionated, stubborn people can be tricky. Proceed with caution. If it works, it will be due to their mutual desire for security. Capricorn may be able to offer Scorpio the same solid security, but with a more entertaining character. NOT RECOMMENDED - Aquarius (unless the Scorpio has Aquarius Rising) and Virgo.

Always keep in mind that the complete birth charts of both people may reveal compatability information beyond what can be inferred by their sun signs. For FREE astrology reports, click here.

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