Most Scorpios have at least some level of interest in the occult - it may be astrology, palm reading, tarot cards, Ouija boards, dream interpretation, astral projection, automatic writing, past life regression, seances, etc., etc. They will practice these things as a "pseudoscience", following the rules to the letter with the belief that most things in the universe have already been decided and these are the formulas to find them out. Scorpios can master these skills with ease, while understanding that learning an occult trade does not necessarily make one a "psychic".

What DOES make one a psychic is the possession of knowledge when there is no logical explanation for having it - note that I'm counting all of the above pseudosciences as "logical" because they follow a pattern, even if not proven. For example, a person who can hold an artifact from a crime and somehow see the criminal's face and know where to find them is a psychic. A person who has premonitions of accidents and natural disasters and can warn people in advance is a psychic. A person who knows your name when nobody told them (and it's not on your keychain) is a psychic. It is not something that can be learned and developed; you either have it or you don't. Many Scorpios do.

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