What's a home to a Scorpio? A place to retreat from the world! It can be big or small, urban or rural, as long as it's THEIR little corner of the world. Scorpios need time alone: time to refresh their powerful energies, time to enjoy their hobbies, time to organize their things and time to plan what they are going to do next. If something (or someone) disturbs the peace in a Scorpio's home it can be very disorienting to them. A busy Scorpio can accept a decrease in the amount of time they get to spend at home, but they need to know that home is there, home is safe, home is comfortable, and that EVERYTHING IS WHERE THEY PUT IT. Roommates and house guests with whom a Scorpio cannot peacefully co-exist will be promptly evicted. If that's not possible, the Scorpio will gladly evict his or herself in search of a more solitary existence elsewhere.

By the way, the most important room in a Scorpio's home is the bedroom. 'Nuff Said!

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