Scorpios are generally well-equipped in the health department. They tend to have sturdy builds with very strong muscles and bones. If they are getting enough exercise they may appear quite slim, but don't be fooled - few Scorpios are of fragile composition. They also seem to require sleep less than persons born under other signs. This Scorpio vitality runs deep, and even if they do lapse into lethargy from time to time, lurking underneath are great regenerative powers that can carry them through serious illnesses and injuries with great courage and the determination to make a complete recovery. Most people who are supposed to be dead but aren't are probably Scorpios.

What Scorpios need to watch for are problems with reproductive and excretory organs. These problems are rarely life-threatening for them, but can be an ongoing nuisance throughout their lives. Rest assured, however, that if this or anything else is wrong with them, they will know EXACTLY what the problem is and what they need to fix it long before it's their turn in the doctor's office. If a doctor thinks it's such a terrible, horrible thing that a patient could actually know their own body, a Scorpio will take their business elsewhere. Most would never even bother seeing a doctor if it wasn't for that pesky law that requires a doctor's signature for a prescription.

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