Scorpios prefer having a small group of close friends over having a larger number of more casual aquaintances. If a Scorpio deems someone worthy, that person can expect to have an extrodinarily loyal friend for life. All the Scorpio will ask in return is that this loyalty be reciprocated. If it isn't, this loyal friend for life could quickly turn into a loyal ENEMY for life!

Cancers and Leos often make the best friends for a Scorpio - Cancers because of their emotional depth and Leos because of their cheery and loyal nature. Note, however, that in the case of Leos, "friend", does NOT equal "co-worker" or "boss", as this pair is best not put in even the remotest of adversarial relationships. The spiritual Pisces may also make a good friend, as long as the Scorpio doesn't feel threatened by the Pisces' ability to be even sneakier than themselves sometimes. Aquarians of the opposite sex make particularly interesting friends for Scorpios, despite the classic inadvisability of a romantic relationship between these two. Aquarians of the same sex, however, appear to be on some other mental plane and little social interaction will transpire. With other signs, it's pretty much hit or miss.

Always keep in mind that the complete birth charts of both people may reveal compatability information beyond what can be inferred from their sun signs. For FREE astrology reports, click here.

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