Money usually plays some notable role in the life of a Scorpio - they rarely find themselves in the role of the average worker who sees no money pass through their hands other than an average paycheck. Money figures prominently in some regard - they may be particulary wealthy, particulary poor, or their employment is likely to involve financial transactions of some sort. Scorpio rules things like taxes, inheritances, investments, insurance, real estate and credit cards.

On a personal level, the Scorpio views money as a means of power, security and freedom. Some Scorpios will spend freely, while others will live like misers; either way they are not so much concerned with it's mere accumulation as they are with how it affects their lifestyle. Some Scorpios will work extra hard to afford the finer things in life, while their lazier counterparts are content to work very little and live life simply. For a female Scorpio, earning her own money is key to her fiercely independent nature. Though many Scorpio women are content as homemakers, it is very important to them to know that they COULD pay their own way if they had to - they must maintain their independence mentally, or they will constantly worry that the worst could happen to their spouse.

In a professional capacity, however, is where a Scorpio will really shine when it comes to money. The Scorpio attention to detail combined with mathematical and analytical ability make them very well suited for financial professions, most notably accounting. They tend to make the utmost of trustworthy, meticulous guardians of an organization's assets, and will probably make the company president sign an expense voucher for a 50¢ turnpike toll. No one is spared from the Scorpion's eagle eye! It is important to note, though, that this same devotion to detail and strict adherence to policy does not always add up to overall business acumen - Scorpios are not "big picture" people. Leave them to do "their thing" and you're in good hands.

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