How does a Scorpio relate to their family? Well, that often depends on whether it's the family that raised them or the family that they themselves created. Scorpios can appear quite indifferent to the family they grew up with, but that doesn't mean they're on bad terms with them. It's just that the Scorpio's independence and love of solitude usually keeps them at a safe distance. Although they tend move out of the house at an early age to be on their own, they haven't forgotten the contributions of relatives to their upbringing - they've just had enough of it, and are ready to move on. The typical Scorpio has best wishes for his or her family, but hopes they come true in a household separate from their own.

When a Scorpio creates a family of their OWN, it's a whole different story. Their love and devotion to their mate and children knows no bounds, perhaps even when it should! Scorpios can be rather overprotective of their offspring and insanely possessive of their romantic partner (See Romance for a description of the latter). They need to exercise caution against having unrealistically high expectations for their mate and children. While Scorpio women tend to limit the number of children they have and guard them dearly, Scorpio men prefer to have larger families. Regardless of which parent is the Scorpio (or heaven forbid, both!), their children will find that it's no use trying to hide anything from them - better to fool the other parent instead. Scorpios want very much to impart their sense of independence on their children, however, and a child who proves to be truly trustworthy will be viewed as a "short adult" and given the corresponding priviledges and responsibilities.

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