What characterizes Scorpio communications? Truth, the whole truth, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH! Scorpios are the great truth seekers, whether it be about the government's wrongdoings or about how that green fuzzy stuff came to be in the back of the refrigerator. Once they find out, they can't wait to tell it like it is! In serious matters, Scorpios are notoriously blunt, often sacrificing politeness to make their point loud and clear. When it comes to more casual chit-chat, however, be prepared to listen to a lot of details that aren't essential to the story being told - Scorpios insist on being thorough and complete at everything they do. What they WON'T do, however, is reveal the personal Secrets of those who have confided in them or any confidential information relating to their employment.

The Scorpio passion for communicating the truth may lead them toward a career in mass media, most notably as an investigative reporter. A Scorpio will dig & dig & DIG at any and all leads, until they find either the answer they are looking for or more leads to dig at. They are not afraid to challenge authority to get to the bottom of things - especially if they think disseminating the truth will make the world a better place. If a Scorpio reporter has placed you under his or her microscope, LOOK OUT!

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