Career is a big part of a Scorpio's life - they have to make their mark somehow. They will take any job they do with the utmost seriousness, whether it be elected office or parenting (see Family). Scorpios are the big transformers of the zodiac, and when one arrives at your place of employment, it will never be the same again. They are noteworthy for their ability to find a place that's in a state of chaos, bring order to it, then move on to other endeavors.

Scorpios can be sucessful at almost any career that they set their minds to - it doesn't have to be the kind of occupation that society considers "serious" for them to take it to new heights. Many Scorpios are outstanding athletes, actors, comedians, musicians and artists. However, the vast majority of Scorpios will be found working in a more mathematical or scientific capacity, such as in Finance, medicine or engineering. It is here that the Scorpio's talent for absorbing detail really pays off.

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