WHO IS SCORPGAL, you ask? My name is Karen and I live in Philadelphia, PA. I'm 52 years old and I've been into astrology all my life. I'm a 3rd generation Scorpio - my mother is a proud Scorpio, and so was her father! Consequently, I was brought up learning about astrology and other "occult" or "paranormal" subjects, taught to me just as naturally as other childhood lessons like reading, writing and arithmetic. Of course, I took astrology a step further than they did, when I started doing complete birth charts at the age of 15. Those were the lousy old days, when you actually had to do all the calculations and drawing by hand - yuck! Actually, I could do the math, but I was terrible at drawing (I have Mercury in Sagittarius, for those who know what that means), so thank heavens the computer age has arrived!

For my fellow astrologers out there, here is the scoop on my chart:

Sun: Scorpio (9th House)
Rising: Aquarius
Moon: Leo (7th House)
Mercury: Sagittarius (10th House)
Venus: Scorpio (9th House)
Mars: Libra (8th House)
Jupiter: Scorpio (9th House)
Saturn: Taurus (3rd House)
Uranus: Libra (8th House)
Neptune: Sagittarius (10th House)
Pluto: Virgo (8th House)
North Node: Aquarius (1st House)
Part of Fortune: Libra (8th House)

By the way, the colors of this page were intentionally selected to reflect my chart. The background is black to represent my Scorpio sun, while the text color is blue, to represent my Aquarius rising. (The text was electric blue, the true color for Aquarius, but it was too hard to read, so now it's aqua.) What is a rising sign, you ask? To find out, click here.

Or, if you don't care what's rising besides the cake in your oven, you are welcome to go back to The Scorpio Page.