Okay, alright, so now I just committed myself to explaining a little about rising signs...We'll just stick with the basics:

The sign you usually call "your sign" is your SUN sign. This is the sign the sun was in when you were born. It is determined by the DATE of your birth.

There are other important things in your birth chart besides your sun sign. The second most important thing is your RISING sign, the sign on the eastern horizon when you were born. This is determined by the TIME of your birth.

Your rising determines your outer personality; the way others see you. It also influences the type of career that you will be attracted to.

To find out your rising sign, you MUST know the exact time & place of your birth. You MUST also either do the precise calculations involving sidereal tables, or let an astrologer or a computer do these calculations for you. Shortcut methods (like those found in cheap astrology books) often yield inaccurate results.

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So what about my rising sign, you ask? My rising sign, Aquarius, makes me really unique. Aren't you glad there's only one of me? In fact, people with Aquarius rising are so unique that no two of them are really all that much alike! But there are some basic characteristics that can be found among people with Aquarius rising. They are extreme individualists, like freedom and hate authority, are honest and congenial, and can be brilliant. They often attracted to high tech careers, so computers are right up their alley. Oh, and by the way, singing is among the recommended hobbies for those with Aquarius rising...(just a reminder to those who have told me to shut up over the years).

What happens when a Scorpio has Aquarius rising? Click here for examples. You get someone who REALLY, REALLY doesn't care what anyone thinks of them, as long people notice that they're different. Someone with an iron will and a fixed set of habits and beliefs that will not budge under any circumstances. This person will not CONFORM, but will aim to REFORM things that do not seem right in this world. While no Scorpio will stand still while things are unjust, those with Aquarius rising are experts at getting attention, and can do so without destroying the cause they are fighting for. Other Scorpios may show up at the scene of a dispute with a machine gun; one with Aquarius rising will bring a TV news crew instead.

As for their personal lives, a Scorpio with Aquarius rising will also seem tamer, more congenial, more logical and a lot less jealous than the typical Scorpio. The outer personality that he or she projects is likely to attract partners with an Aquarius sun, besides the usual crowd of Cancers that tend to hover around Scorpios. Generally speaking, a union between a Scorpio and an Aquarius is considered taboo, but in the case where the Scorpio has Aquarius rising, there is a chance that the relationship will be sucessful. Anyone with the youthful spririt and mental agility of Gemini rising is also highly recommended for this person. Cancers, who are typically the most recommended partners for Scorpios, will make excellent friends. In a serious relationship, however, the domestic and tenacious Cancer is likely to resent the free-spirited nature of someone with Aquarius rising, and thus it may not be the best combination.

Okay, you've heard enough of my astrological preaching by now, so feel to go back toThe Aquarius Page.