Home? What's that? Most Aquarians are lucky if they even know their own address, as they tend not to spend much time there. The busy Aquarius has places to go, things to do, people to see, etc., returning home only to recharge their batteries or entertain an ecclectic mix of friends. The home of an Aquarian is seldom extravagant, for they prefer intellectually stimulating possessions over those of luxury. They may have an impressive library, a functional computer and giant heap of disorganized cassettes, CD's and videos, but don't look for designer furniture in this house. If you can sit on it, it's a chair; who cares if it matches the coffee table or the drapes? Aquarians generally take care of their home to the extent required to keep it from turning into a total pigsty, but this is not the place to conduct a "white-glove" test, not unless you have some pretty good bleach for those gloves! The Aquarian prefers cleaning up the world's problems over cleaning their own moldy shower - house guests be forewarned! But overall, the home of an Aquarian can be a rather interesting place to visit, for those who appreciate individual expression more than frivolous elegance.

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