What characterizes Aquarius communications? Intellectualism, honesty and concern for the future. Aquarians are very complex thinkers, and may go off on several tangents, exploring the implications of each one, then show how it all fits into the "big picture". An agile mind may be required to follow the theories communicated by an Aquarian, regardless of whether this information is presented in written or spoken format. The Aquarian sense of logic is astounding, but emotions do not figure prominently on their checklist of concerns. It is essential that the listener or reader can appreciate this ordering of priorities; if they focus on the Aquarian's apparent insensitivity, they will miss some of the most brilliant expressions of the human mind.

Don't be fooled by the display of intellectualism, however - Aquarians really do care, and much of their great thinking is motivated by concern for humanity. It's just that there is a time and a place to show emotions, and to the Aquarian, a discussion of scientific theory or political analysis is not where such feelings belong. Emotions interfere with the purity of logic, and the two must be kept separate if humans are to think on a higher plane. The truth may be out there, and the Aquarian, who places a high value on honesty, wants to find it. It would be dishonest and a disservice to humanity to simply tell people what they want to hear, so the Aquarian will tell as much as they know, unafraid of angering or shocking people if they think it serves a good purpose. Aquarian communicators are natural attention-getters, and many become sucessful journalists (see secrets), news anchors and politicians.

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